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GreenPeas - Our life with peas.

We are among the leading producers of fresh peas
eaten as a snack in Europe.

Over 40 years, GreenPeas delivered fresh peas for the consumer market . GreenPeas deliver directly to supermarket own distribution center, without costly intermediaries.

We can supply the quantities and types of packaging you desired. We have a strong transport network.


Our mission

We will be the leading producer of fresh peas eaten as snacks , where health, sustainability and social accountability of their best.

Who does not remember when, in the old days went out in the backyard and picked fresh crisp peas, the experience we want back in supermarkets.


How to use

- Here you will find inspiration for how you can apply peas in your daily life.

- View how to most easily open a pea pod.

- How to utilize peas high content of protein.

How to open

1kg kopi


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