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Many people remember in their childhood, how to eat fresh, green peas directly from the pods in the garden of their grandparents. The peas were delicious and sweet tasting and filled up with energy - so you couldn´t stop eating once you had started.

This was the reason why Peter Skov Johansen, founder of GreenPeas, in 1977 started a production of fresh green peas, mainly to be eaten directly from the pods, like snack without cooking.

The peas were produced on the small Danish island named “Langeland”. And Peter started up very cautiously with only two lines op peas, which were very difficult to sell, except on the public market in Copenhagen, where it became very popular. In all the minor cities, and especially in the country site, nobody would like to pay for this kind of product. When it was cheaper to buy a bag of frozen peas, already shelled for cooking.

But on the public market in Copenhagen and in the big cities the interest for the product grew stronger and stronger. And already the following year Peter doubled up his production to 4-5 lines.
Since then the production grew bigger and bigger as the market developed. And all the Danish supermarkets started to have fresh green peas in their main product range.

The fresh pea production is now taking place in Denmark and in south of Europe.


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