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The production

The peas are produced in the first period in South of Europe until about June. Then the production continues in Denmark until the end of September.

Many years of experience is needed to grow fresh peas for snack. The peas have to be picked in the right stages to have the right sweetness and taste. Only 2-3 days are available for picking on each pea plant. Otherwise the peas are - either too immature - or the peas will be too mature, and the sweetness will quickly turn into starch.

To have a continuously production of fresh peas for the snack market, the peas have to be sown in many different sections during the season and with different time delays among themselves regarding to the changing seasons.

The peas are picked on juicy plants only from the early dawn until noon to have the crispiness in the pots. After picking the peas have to be cooled down immediately to save the freshness and the sweetness in the product before it is packed and delivered to the shops.


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